Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Water Woes

Well, we had our work Christmas party last night but it sure didn't feel like winter. Very mild temperatures and lots of rain. Alot of roads still closed and some towns calling a state of emergency. I know some folks who couldn't make it home and had to stay with family and others who did manage to get home only to be evacuated. Others, I know, have been up going on 48 hours just trying to get or keep the water out of their basement. And it is still raining!!

Got the Christmas cards done and mailed last Thursday. DS thought they would cost at least $10 to mail. If only! I told him it would probably be more. $21.00 later the cards were shipped off.

Still have a little shopping to do, some baking and hopefully some relaxing.

Oh and since I started typing this it started snowing. Crazy!!

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