Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jonah is Gettin' the Hits!

Every once in a while I like to see who has been visiting my blog and what they are looking for. I have registered with SiteMeter to track this info. It's free. :o)

Anyway, the most popular post is the one I wrote on the Jonah Craft that my son did last year at campmeeting. I think the last 30 hits to my blog have all been due to a google search for Jonah.

The thing that I find most puzzling is that, of all the visits that that post gets, I have only 1 comment. :o(

It is a really cute craft is you are looking for a fun activity for VBS, church or home.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

La La La...I'm Not Titling This Post. :o)

Tired...should be sleeping...but I'm updating my blog. :o)

We invited my in-laws over for supper today after church. It turned out my brother-in-law & sister-in-law were planning to stop by for a visit at my in-laws place so we invited them for supper too. There was plenty to go around.

After supper we went for a walk. Before we left we couldn't find the dog. We assumed that she had gone with my nephew who left ahead of us. We caught up with him, but no dog. I figured that once we got back to our property she would run to meet us. Still no dog. I stood on the deck calling her name and whistling but no sound or sight of her. So my son and other nephew & I went driving to see if we could spot her. We would stop periodically and call her and look over the fields. You guessed it still no dog. Driving back to our place I decided that I would drive to the top of our hill. No dog there so we turned around a drove back down. That is when the 2 boys remembered that they had been playing hide & seek in the barn...maybe she was in there. They ran to the barn and sure enough there she was. Boy, was she glad to be out of there. She was so excited to be released. I don't know why she didn't bark when I called her so many times from the deck. I was so glad that we found her safe and sound! :o)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Homeschool Happenings

This afternoon we went to visit friends. They homeschool too. The kids had fun playing while my friend and I talked homeschooling. We seemed to stay on the topic of science. She is using Bob Jones this fall and I think I am going to wing it with my Dinah Zike Big Book of Science book as well and books and movies from the library. We are both enjoying lapbooking with the kids so I think that will be a given. :o)

When we got home I asked Caleb what he would like to study in science this year. So far, he has said Volcanoes and Kingdoms (plant, animal, fungi...,etc). I'm thinking that will be fun.

I've set up another blog to keep track of our homeschool happenings. Right now it is still a work in progress so I have the privacy settings on. I am trying to think of a way to highlight subjects and skills. Possibly highlight the subjects with color and bold italics for the skills. Good thing I will have the summer to figure it out. lol ;o)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What A Beautiful Day!

It is such a beautiful day today!! The sun is shinning and the fields and sky are the prettiest green and blue. :o) A great day for hanging out laundry...which is waiting in the washer for me. ;o)

I have a little bit of time to myself this afternoon as my son went with my husband and brother-in-law to deliver wood. He loves helping his dad. :o) I am never very productive though when he is gone...when the cat's away. lol ;o) I will probably work on some homeschool planning and organizing. I guess that is productive.

Supper is in the slowcooker so I don't have to worry about that. Yay! :o) I put a roast in early this morning and it should be nice and tender by supper time. I read somewhere that the slowcooker takes less power/energy than the oven. Not sure if that is true, but I enjoy the slowcooker for cooking my roasts just for the convenience factor. It's great in the summer time too as the kitchen doesn't heat up like it does with an oven.

Well the nice weather...and wet laundry are calling me. :o)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Quick Blog Post :o)

Well, it is almost midnight here and I really should be sleeping and getting some rest. I've been sick since last Monday evening and am just starting to feel half decent. Still stuffed up and a bit achy at times. Ironically I had made it through winter with no colds or anything and then boom I get this. No fun! Although, I did get a book read while I was taking it easy. I'll post about that later when I have more time. :o)

We went for a dirve with my in-laws today. We went to a green house to get some more plants for our flower garden and vegetable garden. We ate supper out and then home again. My mother-in-law dug up some of her extra perennials for me. :o) She gave me irises, lillies, lady slippers and another kind of lily. I'm not much of a green thumb so I hope they are tough enough to survive my inexperience. lol :o)

It's after midnight now, but this was the little suggestion at the top of my blog when I started typing...

Choose your battles wisely ~ give patience where patience is due, and continually ask God for wisdom in discipline.

My son and his best friend don't get to see each other regularly because we live about 30-40 minutes apart, but they love to talk on the phone. I am constantly reminding my son that when he is done talking that he needs to check to see if anyone left a message while he was on the phone. Lately he has been forgetting to do that. It can be an hour or more before he remembers to check it. :o( My mom called earlier this week and left a message and then was worried because she knew I was sick and wondered why we weren't answering the phone or returning her call. (Mom's think the worst you know.) Again tonight he forgot to check and I only got my friend's message 1 1/2 hours after she called! So I told him that if that happens again he will not be able to use the phone for a day or so. But, now that I am thinking about it, it is also punishing his friend. What to do? I think I am going to try reminding him to check for messages when he is done talking.

I need to be patient and pray for more wisdom in my discipline. :o)