Friday, May 20, 2011

Life Here on the HIll

I am so horrible at updating my blog. I used to update it all the time before I started work and now I don't seem to have time for anything. :o(

For the last 4 weeks, we've been going swimming. We've gone on my days off and we really look forward to it. Great exercise too!

I've been incredibly dizzy, light-headed and weak for the last 2 months. The dizziness usually stops when I sit down but not today. I've been sitting down for a while and my head is still spinning. I saw my dr this week and he ordered blood work and a cardiogram. My heart rate was only 49 beats per minute so the nurse got me to stay to see the dr. He ordered a chest xray and more blood work. So far everything has come back fine. I have to call him on Tuesday to get the rest of the results. My rheumatologist is away for a few weeks so he is sending me to another dr. I'm not sure if he is a rheumatologist too.

I hope the dizziness goes away soon. I'm back to work on Sunday.

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