Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

I couldn't think of a title. Tuesday Ramblings should do seeing as I don't have any one particular thought to post about.

We had our first snow today. We woke up to a ground covering of white stuff. Of course Caleb was thrilled and was out the door pronto. He was out there for at least an hour and went through 2 pairs of mitts. I'm glad he got to enjoy it because by lunch time it was gone.

I am hoping to get started on making our Christmas cards this week. I am such a procrastinator! :D Add to that the fact that my supplies I ordered were late getting to me. I was really hoping to address them tomorrow night. Oh well maybe I'll work on them tomorrow night. We don't celebrate Halloween, so I know I will be home.

See ramblings was a good title. lol :o)

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