Monday, October 29, 2007

Changing Things Up a Bit

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have recently started lapbooking. I wanted to do something different from the typical fill-in-the-blank worksheet because they aren't a whole lot of fun for Caleb. We are finishing up our first one. It is on spiders. I've learned alot about spiders. lol :o) Today we started another one on Biblical Responsibility. It has 13 (or 14) activities, so it should take us about 3 weeks to do as we will do one activity per day. We do this in addition to 'My Bible First'. Once the spider one is finished, we will start a new one on something science or health related. If you click on the link above you can download a sample of the Biblical Responsibility lapbook.

Here is a freebie lapbook on Art Appreciation. It looks like it will be a fun way to learn about art concepts and artists. This changes every quarter, so be sure to save it before it gets changed. :o)

If you have preK- K aged children, they may enjoy doing a lapbook called 'All about Me'. :o) Or maybe Apples!! They are freebies too!

I will take a picture of our finished spider lapbook to post and share. I'll also take a picture of the supplies we use to make our books.

On another completely different note, I have made my 3rd batch of laundry soap. We are still really liking it. One batch lasts us about a month. I shared with another mom how to make it and she finds it a big savings for her family of 5.

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Debbie Ann said...

Can't wait to see your lapbook. I've wanted start one w/my kids, but have too afraid to start. The folds look a bit intimidating to me.