Thursday, November 1, 2007

What a Busy Day!!

Today was a whirlwind day. Rush, rush! Caleb had a birthday party to attend this afternoon and I had a bazillion errands to do before that. Okay maybe not a bazillion but alot. lol ;o)

I took 2 large garbage bags and 2 boxes of stuff to the second hand store today. That sure makes our room look alot less cluttered.:D After we dropped the bags and boxes off, we went in to see what bargains we could find. My in-laws had given us some Bible Story books by Arthur Maxwell. 4 of the books were missing. I was able to get 3 off of eBay, but I still needed Volume 1. Well, what should I find today but Volume1! I am surprised that I even noticed it because the edition I found looks nothing like the rest of the books we have, but hey it still completes the set. The book I found today is smaller but thicker and it is red. The other ones we have are blue. lol :o) I am thankful to have found it and that it only cost around $3.50 total. :D Here is a picture of my find.

Have you ever lived in a small town? I grew up in the the city but in a small community. Everyone knows everyone. I haven't lived there for 12 years, but all my family lives there. Most people know me. Anyway, we stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a birthday card. When I walk in the clerk (I went to school with her son) smiles and says,"Oh your the girl who had a shower for T ?" referring to a baby shower I had 2 weeks ago for my friend. I replied, "Yes and I can't wait til she has the baby." Well then she grins even more and says, "Well I won't say anything more." That gave it away right there! :D My friend and her husband are the proud parents of a healthy baby boy! He arrived 3 weeks early. I've already claimed the title 'Auntie Lisa'. She and I have known each other since Grade 1 and, since neither of us has a sister, we say that we are the sisters we never had. (She's an only and I have 4 older brothers). I was her matron of honor at her wedding last December. So needless to say I am very excited and happy that she is so excited and happy! :o)

Back to the small community.....I get home from town and find out that my friend's husband had called and was talking to my husband, who called and told my mom, who told my 2 aunts, my sister-in-law, my niece and a friend. Who did I get to tell?? one! :o( I suppose that is not entirely true. I did get to tell the blogging world. lol :o)

Wow! I haven't blogged this much in a long while! ;o)

I am exhausted and very awake at the same time. It is well past midnight here and I really should be sleeping if I want to be half alert tomorrow. lol :o)

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