Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time Flys !!

My intentions were so good. Really and truly they were. I made a list of homeschool topics I wanted to share. Partly because I thought someone else may benefit from my ramblings and also because it will help me get things planned out and thought through before we start school next week. But here it is nearing midnight (I should be sleeping) on Tuesday and I don't have one post typed up that I had wanted to. Of course there is always tomorrow. ;o)

Speaking of tomorrow. I have so much I need/want to get done tomorrow. I have to make a trip to the bank and post office to run couple of errands, blanch some corn so I can get that into the freezer for winter, laundry and possibly help my husband & brother-in-law hay.

I helped hay today too. I drove the tractor (a first!) while they and Caleb loaded the wagon. Then I helped unload it into the barn. Fun, fun. Really I don't mind at all. I'll just have to be sure to be super efficient with my time tomorrow.

Now I'd better get to sleep or I will get nothing done. lol ;o)

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Ann said...

I've always wanted to drive a tractor. It looks like fun and work all rolled up into one.