Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Craft That Started It All...And Held It All

While we were at campmeeting Caleb had crafts every afternoon, Sunday - Friday. Well except for the one day he didn't go because he and some other boys were playing a game of baseball headed up by one of the moms. That was fine with me, as another mom who was also watching and I had a great chat about books and DVDs. Sorry I'm rambling. ;o)

Back to the crafts. They always make such great crafts and he has a good time. The tricky part is finding a place for it in the cabin with out it getting lost or squished, and then wondering how we are possibly going to get it home intact. I was so happy this year that the first craft was a gift bag that they got to decorate and personalize. Then as each craft came back to the cabin we would gently add it to the bag. Caleb always knew where is crafts were and we made sure the bag was packed carefully in the van when we came home.

And of course he chose blue, which was no surprise as it is his favorite color. :o)

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Kay in PA said...

Thats a great idea....I wish I had thought of it VBS week!