Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Talking Out Loud

Excuse me for a moment. I'm just going to talk out loud. lol ;o) I thought I would type up a quick post of my ramblings.

Well I said yesterday that I needed to 'be super efficient with my time' today. Was I? Not really. Well maybe. I did get 2 loads of laundry washed, hung out, folded and almost put away. :o) Husked corn, blanched it and got it done and in the freezer. And a few other things that I won't bore you with. (I can hear the 'Thank yous' now.) lol :D

I sent for a handwriting book for my son. I'm so glad that it arrived last week so we will have it for next Tuesday. It's called 'A Reason for Handwriting' I really like the format of the book. It turns out that the school(closed) that we borrow books from had the Teacher's Edition, so I was pretty happy about that.

Since we began homeschooling, we've only schooled 4 days per week. Monday - Thursday. This year my son said he wants to do 5 days, Monday - Friday, so he will be done sooner. I agreed, but I will not get to settled in a 5 day routine until I see how he is liking 5 days. 4 or 5 is good for me. We'll see.

We are planning to go to town soon and I want to get few more things I need for the portfolio. I thought it would be best to wait until I had pictures to go with it. So I want to be sure I have the things I need. Caleb has decided that he would like a lime green binder for his portfolio. Hope the store has one in stock. If not, blue is his next pick.

Stay tuned for more homeschooling posts in the next few days. I'd love to hear about any homeschool plans that anyone else is working on.

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VJ said...

As far as your home school portfolio goes, the best place to get an idea of what should be included is what your province minister of education requires. What guidelines do you have in your homeschooling?

In my state, the kids have to have so many hours in each subject with regular tests taken. In addition, a standardized test must be administered each year. My son's portfolio includes all quarterly report cards, the daily gradebook sheets (I am a teacher by trade so this comes naturally), as well as all the test and quiz booklets from each major subject as well as all reports and projects he does.

I hope this helps.