Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Day, Another Tidy

Today I decided to tackle the homeschool shelf in the closet. It was one of those shelves that if you just happened to pull out the wrong thing.....everything would come tumbling out! ;o) I' am so glad that I didn't procrastinate about it. It's funny but I'm not as much of a procrastinator as I used to be. I'm so glad too because it feels great to have that all tidied up and organized. So I can cross that off of my 'To Do' list. :o)

So what did I happen to find? Well I was happy to find a container that looks like it will be perfect for holding the homemade liquid laundry soap I plan to make. Yes you read that right. ;o) I got the recipe from a fellow blogger and have everything I need to make a batch. That will be a post all on it's own. I also found some items that we no longer need (or have doubles of) that I am going to pass on to another homeschool mom. Caleb will be happy when he sees that I have found 2 science kits, 2 Christmas craft kits and a craft magazine. Not mention all of the packages of loose leaf, duotang covers, and notebooks! :o) I turfed a bunch of stuff that was not usable to me or anyone, and was just creating clutter.

I am so glad it is done! Now to tackle the master bedroom. Stayed tuned! lol ;o)

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