Monday, March 12, 2007

Ovens Slow cookers

Well, the bottom element in my oven went this afternoon. :o( Thankfully, I was standing beside the oven while it preheated and, I saw this flash of light in the oven window followed by smoke coming from the vent. What was that?? A friend had told me never to open the oven door if there was a fire or flame in it, so I just turned it off. Once I thought it was safe I checked to see what the cause was and sure enough it was the element. It burned right through it it did !

Slow cooker to the rescue. :o) We were still able to have a homemade supper thanks to the trusty ole slow cooker. The burners work but, I had something all prepared for the oven. It worked in the slow cooker too. It just took a little longer. :o)

I'm grateful that I baked yesterday, and that the element did not go then. And also that I noticed before putting anything in the oven today.

I guess there is always something to be thankful for. :o)


Shereen said...

Oh wow, that is very good that you were standing right there. What a scarey experience. Can it be repaired, or do you need an entire new one?

Lisa said...

Yes, it will just need a new element & nothing major. Something else to be thankful for. :o)