Monday, December 6, 2010

Home on the HIll

Well, our big storm turned out to be not so big. Some areas had a bit more snow and some folks lost power but overall it wasn't what the weather center forecasted. Lucky us!

We got the christmas tree decorated today. I think it looks great! It's nothing you would see in a home decorating magazine. Lots of colorful mini-lights and a wide variety of ornaments. Each ornament has a special story. There are also plenty of candy canes too.

When Caleb was about 3 years old, my brother-in-law asked him what he wanted for Christmas.
"Nothing", Caleb replied.
"How about a toy?" my brother-in-law asked.
"No, I have enough toys now."
"How about some clothes?"
"No, I have lots of clothes?"
"Well, what do you think you'd like for Christmas then?"
"Hmmm....How about a candy cane!", suggested Caleb.

That's what I think of whenever I see a candy cane. :o)

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