Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Grapes

We only have one grape vine that we planted a few years ago, but it is really growing!

Caleb says they taste just like Welch's Grape juice! :o)

They look so yummy!!


Debbie Ann said...

Your grapes look fabulous... I just love grapes! Around here, we saw many grape vines dried up and withered due to the drought that we had... not to mention the really hot temps we had to go with them. I'm glad yours have done so well.

Do you eat them right of the vine or do you make juice or jams out of them? Just curious...

Mona said...

Lisa, so glad to *see* you! That is great with all the salsa you have made and the grapes look wonderful!

Look forward to seeing more posts, I try to keep up with checking on blogs, though it does get hard ;o)