Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Book Purchases

I bought this book while I was away on vacation. I had no intentions of buying any books for me, only one for Caleb that I had picked out before we left. Well, when it comes to books I am weak. ;o) I bought it. lol :o)

Each time I had a little free time, I would grab the book and read some more. I didn't think that I would get it all read before we left for home, but I did. Now my mom is reading it.

At the back of the book there were some other books that were advertised. Ironically I had purchased one of them too. ;o)

It's called "A Practical Guide to Discovering God's Will". I haven't started reading it yet, but hope to start it soon.

So much for planning to NOT buy any books. lol :o)
Caleb used some of his birthday money to buy a couple of books. He picked them out on his own, and they look like he made good choices.

Click on the book covers to read more about them.

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Mom2fur said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just love that old-fashioned dress, don't you? I wish designers would get their acts together and let little girls dress like little girls, not like miniature 18 year olds!