Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Sabbath Walk

We went for a Sabbath walk this morning and I got some nice pictures. I wasn't going to take my camera but decided to at the last minute. I'm glad that I did. :o) Here a just a few of the pictures I took. These will make for great scrapbooking pages.

Here is Princess Harley enjoying the time spent in the woods. lol ;o)
Too big to hold our hands?? Yeah right! :o)

I really like this picture. I have a similar one when Caleb was just about 2yrs old.

This is our neighbor's old barn.

I took this picture from the inside looking out.

Another one of my favorites.

Black-eyed Susans. The are one of my favorite flowers.

Daisies are so nice too.


Training Hearts said...

Great pictures and full of inspiration! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Susanne said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for coming by my site and leaving a comment. That prayer chart is wonderful and I hope it really blesses you as you pray for your boy!

Love your pictures.

Debbie said...

These are the kind of memories that last FOREVER!