Friday, July 27, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday

Yes I'm posting this on Thursday, but I'll be away Friday so that's why it is early. ;o)

Be sure to stop by Shereen's blog to see what crafty things other bloggers are up to.

Here are my crafty contributions for this week.

Another towel! I get bored with the same color after a while so I bought this hot pink craft cotton. I have another ball of verigated to use next time. Then I'll start over using up the leftover yarn I still have.

I was in the mood for making more cards this week. I was going to do my Christmas cards up but, I realized that I needed a few supplies replenished. I'll make that an August project to work on.

Instead I made these card fronts. I have to cut white cardstock for the cards and then the front is ready to stick on. I can't take credit for the design. My friend made simillar card and I scraplifted it from her. I have some other ideas from her too, so that will give me crafty things to make for Fridays.


Safety Mom said...

Cute cards! That's one thing I would like to get into one of these days. I've made a couple of cards here and there but you've got the right idea, making several at one time. Any time I have to buy a card it makes me cringe. They are so ridiculously expensive. It's just crazy.


Mom2fur said...

Nice job on both projects! Your knit towel is really pretty, as are the cards!