Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thoughts from a Walk

It is quite warm here today! Thankfully, there is the occasional breeze across the fields.

My son and I went for a walk this afternoon. A little too warm, but we went just the same. We weren't too far from the house when guess who's hand was in mine? :o) I wrote about that a while back. lol! I guess he isn't getting too big for that just yet. I'm glad that we have the kind of bond that makes that a natural reaction. That said, he did let go of my hand yesterday as we were walking across a parking lot because there was a boy there about his age. I guess he didn't think that would be very cool. ;o)

While on our walk, we saw the neighbors cows. They were all congregated together. I commented on that and my son said maybe they were having church. :o) I said probably not because it's only Tuesday. He said maybe prayer meeting instead. lol Funny little man. :o)

Anyway, it turned out I had to finish the walk myself as my husband came along on the 4 wheeler (a friend is storing it here) and since it was so warm our son decided to hop on the back. They offered me a drive, but I wanted the exercise. They kindly came back to the house and got me a big ol' jug of water and then rode along side of me for company. :o)


Anonymous said...

How sweet!

Debbie said...

Now that was super sweet! See, chivalry is not dead. I tell my husband that from time to time. *great big smile*

Anonymous said...

I pray you have a wonderful weekend!

Shereen said...

Our boys always abandon me for their beloved daddy. lol I love to see them together though, it warms my heart. How very nice that they brought you back some water and rode along side you. How sweet. Thanks for sharing.