Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big boy now :o)

We were in town today running errands. We had to cross the parking lot and then a little lane of traffic to get to one of the stores. I told DS to take my hand. He kindly told me, "I'm getting too big to hold your hand." :o) Of course I know the day is/was coming when he would be too big for it, but I didn't think today would be the day. My heart had one of those...'My baby is growing up' moments. ;o) So, I told him that was okay and he could walk beside me. He did and we got what we needed at that store. I had to smile on our way back to the van......guess who was holding my hand?? Neither of us really realized it at the time. I noticed it later as we went into the grocery store. It's just an automatic reaction to get out and take each other's hand. I guess he forgot that he's a 'big boy'. :o) And that's okay with me. :o)

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Emily said...

sounds like he's growin up! [ well duh, since you said that] I think its nice that you let go of hand holding so easily!