Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"Are You Gonna Drink That??!!"

You're happy right I am!! ;o)

What is it you ask. Activated charcoal. Yum! Not so much. ;o) Seriously, it really has no flavor to it.

I started getting a runny nose on Sunday. By Monday I was suffering with my sinuses. Ugh. I really don't need this. :o( I have so much on the go right now and I have people who need me healthy to be able to help them. Thankfully this is something minor health-wise and it too shall pass. I just wonder why everything happens at the same time. I can never figure that out.

So I mixed up some charcoal this morning and drank it right down. I do feel better. Much better. I think it has worked better than the daytime/nighttime meds I was taking yesterday. I am still a bit stuffy, but the sinus pressure is gone and I feel good. Not groggy or sluggish.

I usually mix a tablespoon or two with a cup of water. It is not gritty and it has no flavor. I don't mind the powder, so that is what I use. You can also buy the tablets and capsules.

I first learned about charcoal a few summers ago at our church campmeeting. I was Primary leader that year, and John & Kim volunteered to help out with the program. They were scheduled to give some seminars on natural health remedies and charcoal to the adults in the afternoons. I was glad it was in the afternoon so I could go too. :o) They also did one for the kids too, and the kids really enjoyed it!

The seminar was very informative. Several people shared their experiences with charcoal. I liked that because these were people that I knew of so this made it all the more believable. (You can read some other testimonies of charcoal here.)

My sister-in-law had a very sick cat and she thought that they would have to have it put to sleep. Then she remembered the seminar and how it had worked for somebody's dog. She added charcoal to the cat's water and it drank it and bounced right back. It is now a chubby kitty. :o)


Paula said...

This is VERY interesting!!! I have some on hand but only for an emergency should the children drink poison and poison control says "give them activated charcoal." :) Do you always take it when you are sick?

Ann said...

I just gave my son a small glass of "charcoal water" as we call it for his tummy ache.

We use charcoal all of the time.