Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fern Anyone???

I forgot to mention, the other day, about the other purchase we made when we were out for our Sunday drive. Fiddleheads. Ever heard of those? No not the musical variety, but to eat.

Here in our little corner of Canada, springtime means a feed of fiddleheads. Not me. I can't get past the idea of eating something from the fern family. Lots of our family members like them, including my husband.

I tried to find a picture that I could post on my blog but I wasn't able to find free photos of fiddleheads. Strange I know. ;o) But I found some great articles on fiddleheads that also have pictures. You know, just in case you happen to be totally bored and wonder what Maritime Canadians like to eat in the spring.

Here is one article, and here is the other. :o)

Have you ever had fiddleheads?? What kind of unique foods are in your region?

Edited to add: Silly me I just took a picture of the fiddleheads we bought. Why didn't I think of that before. lol :o)


Paula said...

Hi Lisa, Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog. I don't think I have gotten your email to send you the book you won (did you know you won the Twitterpatted contest I had?). :) email me paula aatt paurian doott com. When you email me let me know your email so I can scan my junk box (if it has not been deleted yet) to see if it was sent and just not received. THANKS!

Ann said...

Do fiddleheads have a strong taste? Are they stringy when you cook them? For some reason, they remind me of asparagus.

FlipFlop Mom said...

LOL LOL.. yup fiddleheads are commen here in NH.. honestly though.. I have NEVER had a desire to eat anything that probably is "hairy" in a way.. bluck!! LOL LOL