Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Little Deeds of Kindness

Last December, around Christmas time, there was a request for prayer for a lady who lives beside our church. I felt impressed that we, my Little Sweetie and I, should make some cookies to take to her.

So that is what we did. My Little Sweetie really likes to make ginger snaps.

We had also made cinnamon dough ornaments, so he decided that he would give her 2 of those, as well. Along with a card that he made.

Later that week, Big Sweetie, Little Sweetie & I went to the church to decorate for Christmas. While Big Sweetie got things dug out from storage, Little Sweetie and I made the delivery.

We took them to the door and left them with her husband. We said that we were from the church next door and had heard that she was in the hospital.

This past Sabbath, as my mother-in-law was coming into church, the neighbor lady came by and gave her a package and card to pass along to the "children" who had brought her the cookies.

The card said "Thank You" for the cookie and ornaments and she also included 2 packages of mini chocolate bunnies. :o)

We just reached out and never expected anything in return and that is what made her card and gift such a surprise.

Little Sweetie is the only child that goes to our church. (Except when our pastor is scheduled to be there, and then his children attend.) This last Sabbath, there was a little girl visiting with her dad, so Little Sweetie gave her one of the packages of chocolate bunnies. He was tickled to be able to share with her. :o)

I don't post this to say 'Look what we did'. As I mentioned, I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to reach out. (I am a people person, but still I was a bit nervous.) ;o) We were able to bless her with our simple gift. She blessed Little Sweetie with her gift in return, and he was able to share it with our little visitor. Ripple effects. :o) Little deeds of kindness. :o)

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