Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday Morning Ramblings

I titled my post 'ramblings', because I have no particular thoughts for this post. I just going to think and type. :o) :o)

I have to say I am happy with the infusion of color on my blog. I liked the green, but there was just too much. I really like the pinks, pruple and lighter green. I'm quite new to blogging, so I keep tinkering away with the layout and colors. It's kind of like fixing up a new house. I want to make it comfy, homey and welcoming. Thanks to Shereen for her help with blog questions.

Now that I'm satsifeid with the layout, I have to focus on my posting. It's wierd, because anyone who knows me personally would say I am a talker and never at a loss for words. ;o) But there is just something about typing up a post and seeing my words there. I will read the post over several times and then usually save it as a draft. I don't know why that is?? Maybe new blog gitters?? Did anyone else experience this when you first started blogging?

My little Sweetie is sleeping in late this morning. Usually he is up earlier, but we had a late night last night. Plus he is on his 2nd round of antibiotics for his bronchitis. He has a recheck tomorrow. Praying that that will go well and his lungs will be clear.

Our neighbor passed away early Saturday morning. He was diagnosed with ALS last fall. It is so sad for us to see his house and know that he is not there. No more visits or phone calls. We still can't believe it. He called my husband when the ambulance was on the way and he called us from the hospital. By the next morning he was unconsciuos and passed away the following day. He was a great neighbor to us. Unfortuantly, he had a difficult life. Alcohol, in is his younger days, cost him his marriage and his relationship with his 2 sons, and that seems to be what people (who didn't know him well) remember most. We remember the man who visited us often, who invited us to his house for popcorn, who called just to chat, who spent sunny afternoons talking with my Big Sweetie on the deck while Little Sweetie served them cold iced tea. We remember his kindness and his friendship. I wish that others would have had the opportunity to know him as we did. He had a good heart and regretted the decisions that cost him so much. I pray that we will see him again one day, in a better place where famillies won't be pulled apart, where disease can't destroy and where he and my Big Sweetie can sit and chat on a sunny afternoon.

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Shereen said...

Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor. It is said to see something that would remind you of him, especially something so big and noticeable as a house. Amen to finally being in a place where there is no crying or missing someone. Oh, I can't wait. Did you ever get my email on the music? They have websites to put a specific song on your blog, or to put like a "christian radio station" with only instrumental music. Your blog is coming along nicely.