Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sew Fun Fridays

Shereen is hosting 'Sew Fun Fridays' for sewing projects, and lucky for me, also other craft projects. I 'sew' wish I could sew. :o) But I seem to be better with tape, so I thought I would share the pages I am working on for my mom's birthday. The pages are pretty much finished. All I have to add is journaling and maybe a few more embellishments. Then I'll make more pages for her to add to her album.

Sorry, for the collage type photo, but I wanted to try to include all the pages I have for her album.

If you are working on a craft project, stop by Shereen's blog and add your link.


Mona said...

Very nice! That is a lovely gift idea also! I had done this one year for my mother when I had one child, unfortunately never sent new pages :o( Perhaps I will work on that over the this year for next Christmas :o)

Anyway, very beautiful! Look forward to seeing more projects!

Shereen said...

Hi Lisa, thank you for participating with us. I was thinking of maybe changing the name to Sew Crafty Friday, like that it sounds like it will include all crafts. Wow, you did those pages really fast. It seems like just the other day you mentioned you were going to start. I clicked to enlarge your photos, and they look so nice. You did a great job. It looks like a lot of fun being able to put together designs and themes according to the pictures. I once did a mini accordian scrapbook for my mother. It was a lot of fun, but no room for creativity because it was so small. I have some scrapbooking tools, but just never got into it. I feel so far behind now if I wanted to start. lol ;0) How often do you scrapbook? Oops, sorry for rambling, I didn't realize it got this long. lol I hope you continue to share with us on Fridays. Like I said, it could be a WIP (work in progress)

Lisa said...

Mona & Shereen,

Thanks for stopping by. :o)

I am so far behind in my pictures, that I will have lots to blog about for a long time. :o)

I think my scrapbooking desk would be perfect for Tackle it Tuesday. ;o)