Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
This is my first 'Tackle It Tuesday' post. I decided to tackle my scrapbooking area because it really really needed it!! Since I've been working on a scrapbook album for my mom and also putting mini kits together for swaps, it didn't take long to get cluttered. I'm almost embarrassed to share. ;o)

I did find a couple of interesting things though.

Here are a few before pictures......

Wow! A very messy desk !!

A 3-drawer cart that is pretty much empty


So, I went to work. I cleaned out the cardboard boxes that had my stamps & ink pads. I organized those things into the 3-drawer cart. I thought I would put some scrapbooking things in there too but, the stamps filled all 3 drawers. (Note to self : Don't buy anymore stamps!)

I cleaned all the bits of cardstock and put them in a folder so I can use those when I need just a little bit of paper. I put all of my cardstock and patterned paper away from the top of my desk. Paper is my weakness. I love all the new patterned papers. (Note to self: Don't buy anymore paper!)

I also gathered up my embellishments (brads, eyelets, stickers, rub-ons, etc) and organized those into containers and an accordion folder. With all of the stuff I found I shouldn't need to buy anything for a long while. I need to use it all up before I buy anything more. (Note to self: Don't buy anything else until you've used up what you have!)

Sooooooo after more than an hour at it and some garbage....

Here are the final results.....

I should be able to be more creative now with a clean desk. How long will it stay this way????

Ahhh. It looks so much better!

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Ribbon Rock Star said...

GREAT tackle!


Anonymous said...

It only took you an HOUR?? Great job!

And, I tell myself all the time not to buy more stuff - in fact, I told myself AND my son that last Friday when I was out spending money on more art stuff: I WILL NOT BUY MORE UNTIL I USE ALL OF MY CURRENT SUPPLIES UP. However, today, I was out buying more...sigh...what's a girl to DO??

Mona said...

You did really great! I better not see this same exact tackle too soon! lol ;o)

Look forward to seeing more tackles! LOVE your blog!! I will definitely be back!


Jen said...

Is that a loft? What a great little nook to do your crafts. I'm jealous! I really want to start scrapbooking and cardmaking, but I don't really have a place of my own to put all the stuff it involves.

You did a fantastic job on your tackle. Way to go!

Shereen said...

I'm with Jen, I was just going to ask if your scrapbooking area is in a loft. If it is, how wonderful. We looked at log cabin homes for so long. Our dream is to build one when we move out to the country. There aren't that many down here in FL. ;0( Your scrapbooking area looks great. I am the same way, my sewing area turns into a mess when I sew, then I have to clean it up again in order to get inspired. ;0) Great tackle!!

Lisa said...

Donna - I have to keep repeating to myself.."I will not buy anymore, I will not buy anymore...oooh look at that pretty paper" See I'm hopeless. :o)

Mona - I was thinking the desk could be a weekly tackle for me. ;o) No, it looks so good I'd better keep it tidy. Glad you like my blog. :o)

Jen & Shereen - Yes that is the loft. It looks down into our livingroom. It is a cozy little nook to craft in. I'll post some pictures of the loft.