Friday, March 16, 2007

Sew Crafty Fridays

It's Friday !! That means that Shereen at 'Waiting for Him' is hosting 'Sew Crafty Fridays'. It's not just for sewing. Shereen welcomes seamstresses, knitters, scrapbookers, quilters, crocheters, cross stitchers & card makers. Am I forgetting anything??

So, if you are working on a craft project stop by Shereen's blog and add your blog to the Mr. Linky.

This is what I've been working at this week. More cards !!!

This one is a birthday card.

"Happy Birthday" is stamped in the lower right corner.

I think these are my favorites. I love the red and yellow together. Plus it is springy. :o)

A cheery 'Get well'.

"Best Wishes"

I like the how all the colors coordinated so well.

This is a Sympathy card.

I added some light blue cardstock and ink to lighten it up a bit.


Shereen said...

Okay Lisa, maybe this Sew Crafty Friday isn't such a good idea. ;0) You are so tempting me to try this soon. lol Please explain a little about your cards. Do you start out with a blank piece of cardstock? Is everything on there stamped? I would love to see your stamps and inks, etc. Is it a pricey craft? Sorry for all the questions. You can save your answers for next crafty Friday if you want. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm with you, my favorite is the Get Well soon one. I had to enlarge it to enjoy it to its fullest. ;0)

Shereen said...

I just noticed your scrapbooking goal list on your side column. What a neat idea. I look forward to your updates on that.

Mona said...

Lisa, you do such a lovely job with your cards!

It is funny, I as I was looking at your cards I was wondering if you would show how you do it, what you use, etc for those who would enjoy it and Shereen beat me to it, lol :o) Keep up the great work over there! You really are doing wonderful!

Mom2fur said...

Those are amazing! I love cards that are simple and elegant. So much nicer than Hallmark, LOL!

Mom2fur said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry about your brother and sil's ferret. Adrenal gland disease, sadly, is something that ferrets and their owners have to face far too often. May their next fur baby live to a ripe old age!

Debbie said...

Hi Lisa--
Isn't making cards so much fun?! Your cards are very pretty. When making yours, do you have someone in mind or do you make them up ahead so that you'll have them ready at a moments notice? I like the latter idea, but haven't motivated myself to be that organized yet. :-/

I remember when I first started out... I worried about giving them to people because of the time and expense put into them. I was concerned that they would just get tossed into the trash along with all my 'love labor' & hard earned cash. I was happily surprised with the positive response from people telling me how much it meant to them & that they had tucked the card away into their keepsake boxes. That meant a lot to me and gave me encouragement to continue.

Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

PS. Just thought you'd like to know-- you have a small typo in the crafts URL on the lower left of your page. You just forgot the 'p' between the 'h' & the 'g'. :)

Lisa said...

Thank you all for you kind comments. :o)

Shereen & Mona, I will write a post and take pictures too and share how I make my cards. :o)

Mom2fur, Glad you stopped by. Be sure to come back to visit my blog. :o)

Debbie, Yes it's hard to part with the cards after you put so much work into them. It's nice to know that they are kept & treasured. Thanks for letting me know abut the URL. :o)

Rae said...

Your cards are amazing, I'd definitely be inclined to purchase one if I saw it on the racks in a store. Great job!

Thanks for stopping by my place earlier & taking the time to comment. Have a great week! =)

KarenW said...

Your cards are gorgeous! I love your scrapbooking loft too.