Monday, March 19, 2007

"I Can't Believe I Just Said That !"

Have you ever had one of those moments when you said something and you instantly said to yourself, "I can't believe I just said that!" Please tell me I'm not alone. I'm so good at the old 'foot-in-mouth routine', but this was a bit different.

Okay let me ask you this.....Have you ever vowed secretly or straight to your parent that you would never say to your child what they did to you, growing up? I'm sure I said that more than once. ;o) Now let me say my parents were always good to me. Couldn't complain. (Well I know I did....spoiled teenager that I was.)

Yesterday I did the very thing I said I would never do. It was out of my mouth before I could take it back. And there it was. Hanging in midair between my son & I. It was like everything went to ssssllloooowwwww motion and time went back about 20 some years.

An inward gasp and a shock to the core. Where did that come from!?

Okay, I suppose now you are wondering what I could have possibly said. What could have been so eye-opening. Well I'll tell you..................

"Go put something warm on, Mommy's cold."

I know !!! Can you believe it!!??

I can so remember my mom telling me to put a sweater on because she was cold. But I wasn't. Still I think I had to. (Memory is failing me on that bit of history) I do know I said (or thought) I would NEVER make my child put on a sweater just because I was cold. Oh how soon we forget. ;o)

I can't even give a rational answer as to why his putting on something warm would make me warm. Why didn't I go put something warmer on?? No logic to it all. :o)

Did I tell my mom about the whole event of yesterday?? No. It'll be my little blog secret. For now anyway. ;o)


Ann said...

The funny part is how you realize what you are saying--as you are saying it!

Anonymous said...

Cute.........I do it all the time now!! Once it starts, it seems you can't stop it! It's horrible!! LOL...we have a strong Jewish Mama presence in our family, so sayings are all over the place!! My poor poppets!! Have a scrumptious week!!

Mona said...

Too funny! Those things do tend to come out of no where, lol :o)


Shereen said...

When I read what it is that you said, I thought, "huh?" Why does he have to put a sweater on if she's cold. lol The funny thing is, is that I am the same EXACT way, but I have never said it. lol I just say, "it's cold, go put a sweater on." lol