Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gas Prices Are Crazy!!!!

The gas prices here are crazy! 1.09 per liter of regular gas...or $4.36 per gallon! The prices will change either tonight or tomorrow. Will they be up or down? We won't know until they get changed. So it is hard to know whether to fill up at the current price or wait and hope it goes down.

If I lived in the city I could rely on public transit, but here in the country, we depend on our van to get us from place to place. I usually only make 1 trip to town per week, which means I have to be somewhat organized. I'm fairly organized but not perfect, but then again who is perfect?? lol :o)

Speaking of organization, our homeschool co-op had it's monthly meeting last night. the topics were multi level teaching and organization. One of the mom's showed the binder system that she uses, as well as some books on organization. One of the books she had was one that I have heard several homeschool moms (online groups) raving about. Ironically, she found that, while it had it's good points, it wasn't a match for her family. The majority of the moms there said they didn't find it useful to them either. I'm glad that I had the chance to look at it before I purchased it. I would have been disappointed if I had bought it. I've done this with other books too thinking they would be a perfect fit for us only to find out that they weren't. Having said all of that...I am thankful to the various groups and email loops I am one because of all of the hands on reviews of different books and companies.

Wow! How did my post about gas prices become about my meeting last night?? I am guessing I am thinking about the gas used to get there and the fact that there will be another trip to town this week for a field trip. Two trips instead of the usual one. Man, I hope the gas prices go down!!

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VJ said...

Wow! $4.36/gallon?! And I thought our $2.89/gallon was nasty. When we had to pay $3.05 a couple weeks ago. I was really upset. I guess I have much to be thankful for here in the US Midwest.