Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Birthday Party

Well, today we had Caleb's 9th birthday party. :o) He will turn 9 on Wednesday.

The weather cooperated nicely which we were so grateful for! Lots of family came out for it, and he had a great time playing with his cousins.

Caleb wanted a hockey cake. Here is what we came up with........

I made a cake in my oval casserole dish and we frosted it white. Then we added the red and blue lines.

He drew the 'boards with the corporate sponsors' which we added to the back. lol ;o)

We topped it off with some 'puck' candles, a wax helmet and a #9 candle.

It was a hit and there is very little left, which is a good thing. ;o)

Oh, and I should add that he didn't even eat a piece of the cake! He loves to come up with an idea for a cake, but he hasn't had a piece of his birthday cake for a few years. I know he did for his first birthday, but not so sure about the other ones. I can't remember. lol :o) He usually doesn't want cake when he goes to other parties either. I think he just enjoys the socializing so much he doesn't want to stop and eat cake. :o)


Ann said...

Pretty creative! I'm happy if I can get my cakes frosted without major damage to the cake!

Debbie said...

Love, love it! You guys did a fabulous job-- so creative too!