Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

I didn't think I had anything to share for today's WFMW, but I guess I do! ;o)

I know growing up, I was asked/told to clean my room and I don't think I was ever shown how. At least I can't remember if I was. It's not that I didn't want to, I just really didn't have any idea where to start. And rather than show me, I think, my mom figured it would be quicker to just do it herself. ;o)

I want my son(8.5) to know how to take care of his room and to be responsible for cleaning it. Obviously, it is not enough for me to say, "Clean your room", so I written out a little list for him. I tell him it has to be done in order, as that will make it go smoother.

Here is what his list looks like......
**Make bed (this is usually done every AM anyway)
**Put clothes away.....ones that he leaves everywhere. lol ;o)
(Put clothes in hamper, dresser drawer or closet)
**Tidy top of desk
**Tidy under desk
**Tidy top of dresser
**Tidy night stand
**Clean things off of floor and put away
**Look at room and see if there is anything else that needs done

The list is a huge help to him as he knows where to start and what to do. It is a huge help to me too, so I can work on other house cleaning. Plus, it is a skill that he is going to need for life.

He is so happy with the results!

It works for me! :o)

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Anonymous said...

Everything you are doing now will help him become a great husband and father.

Chelsea said...

I used to get so frustrated with mu Dd when i'd tell her to clean her room and nothing would get done. So I did the same thing as you. I broke it down into small steps and remind her to just do one at a time. her room is much cleaner now!

Ann said...

I just finished making a new list for my son. Some days I wonder if I'm just frustrating myself (and him too!), but I know it's worth the effort to train him.