Friday, May 4, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday

Here is what I have been working on for cards. Masculine birthday cards, as I don't seem to have many of those made yet.

The bottom front is paper torn, so I couldn't get them to stand up. ;o)

What crafty things are you working on?? Stop by Shereen's blog and see what crafty projects others are doing. And add yours too. :o)


Bridget said...

The cards look GREAT!! I always make handmade cards with my kids for Bdays and stuff... but none that actually look nice like that! haha I did make some invitations for my parents 50th anniversary and I tore the paper like that and then took a brown ink pad and touched the ripped side into it and it looked burned and VERY cool!
Great job! :) Bridget

Mona said...

Beautiful Lisa!! I LOVE the stamp set you used, very nice! Is that stampin up as well? I made my hubby quilt w/ matching pillow with the same theme, would be neat to find a way to make something with stamps like that! :o)

I am always inspired by your sharing!


Ann said...

I enjoy your card creations, how do you come up with your designs and styles?