Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moose and Apple Blossoms

The apple blossoms are out here now. They are such a pretty pink and they smell so nice too. My Big sweetie and Little sweetie picked these yesterday after we returned from church.

Remember that moose that we saw here the previous Sabbath?? Well it was back again yesterday! After supper this time and almost in the same spot. This time instead of coming up the driveway, going across the field and then into the woods, he did it all in reverse, coming out of the woods, across the field and heading down the driveway. You can see him just to the right of the telephone pole.

In this picture, you can see him on our driveway. Just to the left of the telephone pole. Maybe I'll be able to get a closer picture one of these days. Well, hopefully not too close, but clearer than these pictures. :o)


Debbie said...

How awesome that is to be able to see a Moose from your own home! What I would give to be there too. :)

I can't tell for sure from your pictures, but he doesn't quite seem full grown. Is he?

Ann said...

No moose on my road, but we did have a longhorn bull on the loose one year. That's Texas for ya!

Mona said...

How neat! I hope that you will catch one of him closer soon!! I love catching wildlife on camera :o)

Thanks for sharing!