Thursday, May 24, 2007

His and Her purchases.

Hmmm........ a thought just came to me as I started to write this post. (Hence the title)

These were my purchases for the last 2 days. Small things, but big things if you know what I mean.

I bought this at the used book store for only $7.00 . I'm not sure if it is exactly what I was looking for or not. I'll have to look through it some more to really decide. Do you have a favorite Bible dictionary that you like?

A large ball of craft cotton. I plan to use this to knit some dish clothes and hand towels. Now if I could only find my pattern for the checkerboard towel. ;o)

Now this is patterned paper.....the stuff I said I wasn't going to buy until I used up what I had. Okay I had a weak moment. lol ;o) Don't you just love the patterns though??

Now my Big Sweetie doesn't shop nearly as much as I do so I guess that when he makes a purchase it tends to be something bigger. Well this is what he brought home last evening. :o)

It fits nicely in one corner of the deck. The blackflies are out right now, and soon the mosquitoes will be here. But they aren't too bad if there is a nice breeze here on the hill.

I thought this would make a nice spot to read my Bible each morning.

On another note, see the tree just to the left? This morning when my husband got up, there were 2 moose standing there!! We also saw another moose this evening. Plus the one we saw last Sabbath. So we don't know if there are 2, 3 or 4 moose roaming our woods.


Mona said...

If one goose is goose and more than one is geese, shouldn't more than one moose be meese?? lol ;o) I had a similar discussion with a friend a while back, nevermind my weirdness, lol :o)

How blessed you are with such a lovely view from your home! And to see moose too! That is wonderful!

LOVE your craft items, enjoy! It is always fun to get more things...I have *so* much scrapbook paper and supplies, I really need to get scrapping again, but it just is not the season to work on that now...soon though and then look out! lol :o)

As far as dictionaries, I tend to use the Strong's Concordance, it is a lovely companion to the KJV Bible!

Have you heard of e-sword? That is a lovely program as well...

Have a blessed Sabbath!

Scrapping Servant said...

I have the WHOLE pack of that patterned paper at home, I totally love it!

Ann said...

What a nice table! We need one for our front yard. It's getting too hot for eating outside, but I figure we can find one at the end of the summer for fall picnics.