Friday, March 30, 2007

Lines and Dots

One of these days I am going to post pictures and steps on how I make my cards but, I seem to get so into making the cards I forget to stop at each step to get the pictures. :o)

I use card stock. I will sometimes buy it at craft stores but, I really like 'Stampin'Up!' products because the ink matches the paper.

This stencil is from Creative Memories. It is called 'StoryLines'. This is what I used to make the lines on the guest book pages. Sometimes, I use it to make lines on my scrapbook pages for journaling.

These are 'Stampin'Up!' background stamps. These are great fillers for bare spots on cards or pages.

This is the stamp I used on the card. Here it is shown in navy.

That will be my challenge to myself for this write a post on card making. I have my "Why I can't sew" post ready, but I haven't posted it yet. :o)


Shereen said...

Thank you so much for taking the time out to share a little about cardmaking. I know I have heard about Stampin' Up. How very nice that it all matches. I really like that stencil. I have seen such nice stationary, but I really don't like writing on paper without lines. ;0) My writing always ends up slanted, no matter how hard I try. I could probably use some sort of stencil like that. I've been wanting to write more letters to people ever since reading Anne Of Green Gables.... who by the way was from Canada ;0)

Shereen said...

I'm looking forward to your future post on cardmaking. This is so very informative and exciting. I can't wait for the sewing post as well. lol

Mona said...

I love Stampin Up! I used to have a big ol huge list of stamp sets I wanted to get, I finally tossed it the other day though since I need to use what I do have more, lol :o) I will however be putting in an order for more embellishments soon! The children love using mine up when we have made cards!

Neat post! Look forward to seeing how you make some of your cards!! AND to your sewing post!