Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

Here is my WFMW tip for today. I enjoy baking biscuits, but I do not enjoy rolling or cutting them out. There is something about rolling things out that will send me running and screaming from a recipe. Okay it's not that bad. ;o) I do roll out some things like pie crust, dough for cinnamon rolls and pizza dough, but I think that's about it. Anyway, back to my tip for today......for biscuits I just drop them from a spoon. They bake up the same way (just bumpier) and taste just as great, but without the messy clean up. That's what Works For Me. :o)

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Nikki said...

Great tip! I'm going to try this.

Lorie said...

Yes great tip. I make some butter biscuits like that and they are sooo good! mmmmm

Mysit said...

I grew up eating those kind of bisquits - Mama called 'em "popcorn biscuits" and we loved 'em!

Lisa said...

Nikki & Lorie

Glad the tip was helpful. Enjoy your biscuits. :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lisa :o)

Lisa said...


That's a great name for them, cause that is what they look like. That's what I'll call them from now on.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lisa :o)