Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scrubbing the floor

Wow!! Now there's a catchy title.

Fun! Fun! Okay not really, but for some reason my son was determined that he was going to scrub the floor tonight. ;o) It was on my 'to do' list, and once he saw the mop well that was it. So my hubby swept the floor and I got the bucket of water ready. I wrung the water out and showed DS how to scrub. After he completed a little area, I dipped the mop again and wrung it out. Well guess who thought he should ring the mop out?? (He wasn't being bossy, just really wanting to help and be independant.) So we comprimised, I held the mop handle up over the bucket and twisted in one direction and, he held the wet part of the mop and twisted in the other direction. A perfect compromise really, that worked wonderfully................well that is until we twisted a bit too much and heard a snapping sound. :o) Yes, one of the plastic thingys that holds the mop strands on broke. It didn't look like much damage was done, plus we were almost done.

You know how dominoes fall?? It all happens so fast you can't stop them! The mop had a domino moment. The next swipe of the mop the strands were falling off faster than I could blink. :o) It's quite funny! ;o)

I like that he wants to help out around our house. Last fall he wanted to learn how to use the washing machine. He knew I had to have minor surgery and wouldn't be able to do laundry or other chores for a while. So I showed him how to start and run the machine. It didn't take long until he decided he had it figured out and he could do it by himself. The next load of laundry he told me he could do by himself. I watched and only had to remind him to set the water level differently. I offered to help with the soap, but he said he needed to learn so he could do it when I was getting better. :o) :o) :o) Now I can send him to the washer and dryer if I need to, and he is pleased as punch to be able to help out.

With homeschooling I think kids learn a lot of life skills that maybe they wouldn't otherwise learn. I'm happy that he has the desire to want to learn and help out. He sees his dad help out too, which is very important.

I am amazed every day at the little man he is becoming. :o)


Christy said...

What a great heart he has!

Shereen said...

That's wonderful that he's becoming so helpful. I'm sorry, but I did laugh so when I pictured the mop falling apart after that part snapped. lol